Criminal Investigations

and Analysts


Career Criminal Investigator

  • Supervised and conducted over 1,000 death investigations during 29 year police career as Detective Sergeant, Supervisor-in-Charge of Homicide, Sexual Battery and Chief Polygraph Examiner for the City of Miami Beach, Florida Police Department.
  • Twelve years On-Screen Senior Criminal Investigator for Fox Broadcasting “America’s Most Wanted”.
  • Ten years On-Screen News Contributor, Analyst and Criminal Investigator for Fox News Channel.
  • Obtained confessions and convictions of numerous high-profile Miami Beach cases which include:
    • Abused, neglected and torture murder of “Baby Lollipop”
    • Rape and murder of socialite Emilia Marko
    • German National, murderer Dieter Reichman
    • Serial murderer of South Beach, Bobby Chayne
    • Serial rapist Jeffrey A. Weekley, admitted committing over 1,000 rapes throughout the U.S.
    • Serial rapist Richard Trinchela, admitted extorting sex and raping elderly women
    • Serial rapist William Morales, admitted “Golf Course Rapist”
    • Drug sting murder of Miami Beach undercover police detective Scott Rakow



Andrea Gail Parson Disappearance:


On April 20th, 2011, at the request of Martin County Florida Sheriff Robert Crowder a case file analysis and cold case investigation was conducted concerning the disappearance of 10-year-old Andrea Parson. On July 11th, 1993, Andrea walked two blocks from her home to a convenience store to buy candy. She was last seen leaving the store. 18 years later, after going undercover for more than 16 months and befriending the suspects, detailed recorded admissions of guilt were obtained. As a result, on November 29th, 2012, Chester Duane Price was arrested and criminally charged with kidnapping a child under the age of thirteen and the first degree murder of Andrea Parson.



Adam Walsh Kidnapping and Murder Investigation:

At the request of John and Reve Walsh and with the approval of Hollywood Florida Police, an independent case file analysis and cold case investigation of the kidnapping and murder of Adam Walsh was conducted. As a result of a 2 year, 9 month investigation, compelling key evidence that was overlooked for 25 years was discovered. Previously unknown witnesses were identified and interviewed, successful corroboration of witness statements that were originally unfounded, proved beyond any doubt that Ottis Toole was solely responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Adam Walsh. After being credited for solving the case it was officially closed by Hollywood Police and the Broward County State Attorney’s Office during a National News Conference on December 16, 2008.



Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, South Carolina’s serial murderer Edward Surratt’s Cold Case Homicides:


At the request of Ohio Police officials, interviews were conducted with Florida State Prison inmate Edward A. Surratt who has been in prison since 1978 serving multiple life sentences. The interviews were in reference to and focused on six homicides that were committed over 30 years ago. Surratt, identified as a notorious serial killer is suspected of at least 36 and as many as 75 murders. Surratt was periodically interviewed by law enforcement officers from Ohio and Pennsylvania during his 30 year confinement but refused to cooperate or admit to any involvement and wrong doing. Confessions were obtained and Surratt provided the location where he buried 15 year old Ranee Ann Gregor who went missing from Robinson Township, Pennsylvania on October 21st, 1977. Surratts confessions were corroborated based on information he provided that only the murderer would have known. After being credited for solving the 6 homicides, they were officially closed by the investigating agencies and the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children.

Toronto Canada court appointment


Appointed by Canadian Courts to conduct investigative interviews and polygraph examinations. Approved by Toronto and Windsor, Ontario Crown Attorney’s Office, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Legal Aide to assist court appointed forensic psychiatrist and psychologist in homicide suspect psychological evaluations to determine truth and deception. Over a 14 year period, over 25 capital offense confessions were obtained.



Southern Institute of Polygraph


For over ten years, Director and CEO of the Southern Institute of Polygraph, a school licensed and certified by the State of Florida to teach Investigative Interviewing and the Art and Science of Polygraph, detection of deception techniques, to law enforcement officers throughout the United States.