Criminal Investigations

and Analysts

Public Speaking, Lectures, and Seminars

Nova Southeastern University, Center for Psychological Studies


Clinical Research Associate, Adjunct Faculty Member and Distringuished Lecturer.  Teaching doctoral students - Investigative Interviewing, Non Verbal Communication and the Art and Science of Polygraph Examination (Clinical and Forensic).


Seminar Instructor of:


Criminal Investigation

Death and Homicide Investigation

Advanced Homicide Investigation

Cold Case Homicide Investigation

Investigative Interview and Interrogation Techniques

Practical Kinesic Interview and Interrogation

Advanced Investigative Interview and Interrogation Techniques


Seminar Intructor for:


University of Louisville - Southern Police Institute

Nova Southeastern University - College of Law - Criminal Justice Institute - Center for Psychological Studies

Miami Dade Community College - Southeastern Institute of Criminal Justice

University of North Florida - Institute of Police Technology and Management


Keynote Speaker:


Federal Law Enforcement Training Center and Naval Criminal Investigative Services Cold Case Seminar

Pennsylvania Prison Wardens Assocation Annual Training Conference

Illinois Coroners' and Medical Examiners Association, Continued Education Conference

National Police Athletic League Annual Training Conference

CUE Center for Missing Persons Annual Conference

Univeristy of Toronto, College of Law Articling Commencement Program




"Miami Beach Police Department Standard Operating Procedure" - Prepared the (S.O.P.) for al death investigations, which include the investigations of homicides, suicides, accidental and unattended deaths, and the investigation of police related shootings.



"Interpersonal Dynamics of Investigative Interviewing" - An effective application of Interview Techniques and Interrogation methods to determine truth and deception.